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Reduce time and energy spent on collating and making sense of data from different sources by integrating your business into Picardata.

What's Picardata?

Picardata is a comprehensive analytics platform that bridges and consolidates business data from various systems, allowing for agile and accurate decision making. 

Analyse, segment and engage all in one place with comprehensive reports and user friendly interface.

Software Stack Management

Software stacks are part and parcel of any modern business.

  • Find and monitor all usage and spend
  • Optimise SaaS licenses and reduce costs
  • Manage subscriptions with a single login and password

User Management System

Oversee your entire team’s access to your SaaS applications on one platform:

  • Manage user headcount and user access on your SaaS applications
  • Empower Picardata sub-users with the right visibility across the business to streamline information sharing

SaaS Integration

Picardata integrates with the best software providers in the market to enable businesses like you to maximise the value you get out of you SaaS tools.

Google Workspace

View and manage your Gmail Inbox as well as your Google Calendar.


Manage your channels, groups and user access. Directly chat from Picardata with your team.


View and manage meeting and webinar statistics.


Create and manage projects, assign tasks and access files.


Manage your customer database and deals to gain insights into your businesses revenue stream.


Access marketing data: post impressions, page views, customer engagement and many more.


Take your data from spreadsheets and integrated SaaS and bring them to life using our Dashboard:

  • Obtain actionable insights
  • Customise the data you see at a glance
  • Generate reports that fit your needs
  • Develop strategies to enhance growth and operational efficiency


Create survey’s that feed directly into your Picardata database to gather and consolidate further information.

  • Create customised surveys for data sourcing and save templates
  • Share these forms with relevant parties
  • Central base to access past surveys

To-do list

Never lose track of your daily activities.

  • Create tasks and set priorities.
  • Make your life manageable in a few clicks with our fully customizable task creation function
  • Never miss a task again – view everything at one glance in our calendar view
  • Organize “go together” tasks under the same list
  • Never struggle with priorities again with our priority labelling function

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