Google Sheets Little Known Tips and Tricks for Businesses (2022 Edition)

Almost everyone uses Google Sheets for data organization and visualization. However, there is much more to Google Sheets than what you already know. Here are 10 little known tips as well as the latest features in Google Sheets that can potentially be a game-changer to your everyday work and business routine, helping you turn tedious […]

Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends You Should Watch Out for in 2022

Many businesses have learnt their lesson the hard way. They learnt the need to refer to data and business intelligence in business decision-making, ever since they observed the consequences of not doing so during the pandemic. In particular, without forward-looking data and insights, businesses have to make decisions based on hindsight, which are bound to be risky in this turbulent economy. As we march towards 2022, a post-lockdown world still surrounded by the uncertainties of COVID-19 pandemic, these top 10 trends in business intelligence will help you to navigate business uncertainties with smarter and more resilient choices.

Introducing Picardata’s To-do List

Picardata just recently released its Minimal Viable Product (MVP) version of its task management feature – to-do list. The product quickly becomes business owners’ new favourite because it successfully combines both complexity and simplicity in a single product. Complexity and simplicity do not usually go together, but when they do, it is considered one of the highest achievements in product development. And Picardata does just that.