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Analyse, segment and engage your data all in one place with comprehensive reports and a user friendly interface.

Disorganised data is a very real problem for many businesses.
It could result in wasted resources, productivity loss and suboptimal decision making.

Picardata has got you covered

Integrate your software stack to pull essential information into a central dashboard to generate reports that fit your needs.

Data Unity

Bring all your data together on one platform, giving you and your team a cohesive view of customers.

Custom Reporting

Reporting how you want, when you want. Display your data the way you see fit, whether it's a graph, chart or metrics.

Integrated Info

More insight means more agility. Armed with quality data, watch as your sales, marketing and product grow to better serve customers.

Strategic Decisions based on Data Insights

Data is the cornerstone all good decisions are based on. Through consolidation of data from sources of truth across your business, actionable insights and goals can be set.
Revenue stream, cost analysis, employee turnover patterns, marketing metrics amongst many more can be used to develop strategies that will propel your business forward.

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